Thursday, January 26, 2017

Randall Church?

I've been to Randall Minnesota more times than I can count. The small, friendly town is approximately 10 miles north of Little Falls on Highway 10.

Recently, we noticed that a building located a block of Randall's Main Street looked like a former church. I'd never noticed the building before so had to get a closer look. We took photos and imagined the church's heyday. Thus far we have been unable to find any information on the former church.

It's a good reminder that sometimes we take our everyday world for granted. I'll have to look closer when I'm out and about. Share your out and about photos with us.


  1. LOVE my little excursions to Randall! I love the "Creamery Quilt Shop" and lunch at the spotless little cafe on main street. I'll have to stop and look for this sweet old church. I like to imagine the sound of hymns and warm light glowing from the windows on Christmas Eve. Think of all the "life events" (marriages, baptisms, confirmations, funerals - in that precise ORDER, tee, hee) that this church commemorated. FUN post, Rhonda!!!! - Marcia ;)

  2. Randall is a fun spot. I have to head back there and take a photo of the old store on Main Street, the old feed mill by the quilt shop and a few others.