Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hewitt School and Museum

In the small town of Hewitt Minnesota (just off Highway 210) stands a majestic building. Built in 1910 the building was originally a school. According to the Todd County website, workmen pulled up in a horses and pulled up buckets of wet concrete to pour the solid walls.

In later years the school district merged with Bertha schools and the building operated as an elementary school until 1980. It was later converted to a museum. Each room is themed and well worth a visit.In 2006 the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.


  1. I "discovered" this fabulous building quite by accident, just driving through the community or Hewitt en route home from a tractor show. I was fascinated, but the building was closed for the day. I really MUST return to tour the interior and the museum artifacts! Isn't it an amazing "work of art" to see in a small prairie-town community??? Thanks for featuring this beauty, Rhonda!

  2. Yes it is. Such a great history and unique building.